Digital Marketing Tools: Best New SEO Software I UseI love tools and I have a pretty solid collection of tolls I am using daily. In this article I share my most recent SEO software that I really love.

[Disclaimer: I may be paid a commission if you buy the premium subscription after clicking some links below. Or I may be not]

All-in-One Marketing Dashboard Tools

There are a few comprehensive SEO suites that report on anything under the sun, from on-page issues to rankings and backlinks. Surprisingly, none of them is enough for me, so I use these four depending on the tasks I am dealing with:

Ahrefs Semrush Serpstat Spyfu
Features Ranking analysis, keyword research, on-page audit, position monitoring, SERP analysis, competitive analysis, backlink research
Price $99 $99.95 $19 $39

They all have free trials, so you can totally check each of them before you decide which one you like best.

Here are my favorite features inside each platform (and actually why I have to use all of them):

Ahrefs: Advanced Keyword Research and Analysis

Ahrefs most powerful feature is their Keyword Explorer. Not only will it extend your keyword and calculate keyword difficulty (i.e. how high the organic competition is), it will also suggest related keywords. This helps a ton in finding alternative, less competitive keywords to focus on:

Advanced Keyword Research and Analysis

Semrush: Multi-Feature Position Tracking

Semrush is my very first SEO dashboard I’ve ever used. They have a ton of historical data and their tools are simply awesome. My favorite one is their ranking position tracker. I love the fact that you can track positions inside “Featured Snippets” and “People Also Ask” sections:

Multi-Feature Position Tracking

Serpstat: Keyword Clustering

Serpstat‘s Clustering feature is one of its kind. It helps you organize your keyword lists by relevancy, make sense of thousands of queries, understand your niche better and optimize for several keywords at a time. It’s a must-use feature for every topic research because it shows you how you can optimize one page for several queries.

Serpstat cluster
Keyword Clustering

Spyfu: Indepth Position History

Spyfu is one of the oldest all-in-one marketing dashboards out there. Initially focusing on PPC tracking, the tool has successfully expanded into organic SEO. My by far favorite feature there is their organic history feature visualizing which pages were ranking for a give query throughout the years:

Spyfu marketing dashboard
Indepth Position History

Web Analytics Tools


Finteza is a great – and more importantly independent – web analytics suit that is both affordable and feature-rich. You can use Finteza to monitor your traffic channels, traffic quality and conversions. The tool also comes with a powerful feature set allowing you to create your own, again, independent, on-site advertising program as well as set up re-marketing campaigns.

finteza analytics
Finteza analytics allows to slice and dice your data to research every demographic

There are, of course, many more analytics solutions out there. My friends at SEO agency Australia suggest using at least Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics.

Marketing Productivity and Collaboration Tools

I’ve tried hundreds tools to get organized and I’ve worked with many of them on a continuous basis, including Zoho, Trello, etc. Here I am featuring my currently favorite productivity and collaboration tool but I may expand the article with more options going forward.


Renderforest is a multi-feature content creation and branding tool that can help you create diverse content assets including videos, animations and branded mockups. Its online video creation platform is an exciting one because it can help anyone create professional videos without spending extra budgets on third-party creators or expensive software. You can create explainer videos, whiteboard videos, cartoon animations, and so much more.

renderforest howto video


Zenkit is the to-do list and mindmap builder with cool collaboration features. Zenkit is your marketing productivity Swiss knife: You can use it to organize just about anything, from content marketing editorials to a project timeline. Zenkit offers several ways to organize your lists, including lists (checkboxes), tables (my favorite one because I love tables!), calendars, and Trello-style Kanban view:

Marketing Productivity and Collaboration Tools

You can switch between layouts with one click of a mouse, copy-paste your to-do lists from excel or doc files, share your lists with your team, etc.

Social Media Promotion Tools

Social media strategy is an integral part of any digital marketing campaign.

The only tool I am currently using for social media promotion is Viral Content Bee, and yes it’s my own tool and the fact that I can totally recommend it as a secret social media marketing weapon makes me incredibly proud.

Viral Content Bee
Viral Content Bee for Social Media Promotion

For every project I am promoting through Viral Content Bee, I make sure to:

  • Retweet every VCB-driven tweet (to push it into my Twitter stream)
  • Like as many VCB-driven updates on Linkedin, Pinterest and Tumblr

This way Viral Content Bee builds both my traffic and my social media interactions in a most meaningful way.

Branding Tools

Namify: Find a Cool Brand Name

Starting a new project? Use this cool business name generator to come up with some brandable domain names. Unlike any other name generator out there, this one utilizes Artificial Intelligence to find domain names which create cool niche associations. You will be surprised how many cool names are out there for your new site.

The tool takes care of other brand identity aspects on the fly:

  • It will check social media sites to find whether your chosen name is still available
  • It will create your logo right away

Easy to use and free!

business name generator

Content Marketing Tools

There are lots of tools I am using for inspiration and topic research, including Google of course. Here are two of those tools I am using on a daily basis:

Narrato: Collaborative and AI Content Creation

Narrato is a collaborative content creation and workflow management platform. It helps content teams manage all their content operations, right from ideation to publishing, in one place. It combines the capabilities of multiple tools used by content creators, such as Google Docs, Grammarly, Plagiarism Checkers, AI writing assistants, and SEO tools, allowing teams to replace a disjointed tool stack with a single comprehensive platform.

It also replaces all your communication and collaboration tools in the content process like email, messaging apps, Dropbox, etc., and offers features like publicly shareable links to content, on-content commenting, and messaging on the platform itself.

Content project management
Content project management

Other key features of Narrato include custom templates and style guides, content calendars, workflow boards, custom user roles and access (including a Client user role), freelancer payments management, and WordPress publishing integration, to name a few. Being able to manage all your content projects, team, and clients on the same platform is sure to boost productivity overall.

TextOptimizer: Content Optimization and Research

TextOptimizer is the semantic search tool that extracts related topics and entities from Google’s SERPs and lets you better research and optimize your content. It directs and empowers your writing and helps you structure your content in a most efficient way too. You can check my detailed review of Text Optimizer here.

TextOptimizer: Content Optimization and Research

Buzzsumo: Competition Research, Influencer Marketing, Content Inspiration

Buzzsumo is another tool that can be used in so many ways and improve so many processes.

My favorite features inside Buzzsumo are:

  • “Content alerts” sending you emails whenever anyone mentions your keyword (e.g. your brand name in-content)
  • Content Analyzer allowing you to see (recently) popular content around any keyword
  • Question Analyzer allowing you to see questions around any keywords that are being asked in the discussion boards (including Reddit, Quora and Amazon Q&A)
  • Backlink Analyzer allowing you to see people behind backlinks (there’s really no alternative to that!). You can also filter backlinks by date which gives you a solid list of bloggers to reach out to:
Buzzsumo Backlink Analyzer
Competition Research, Influencer Marketing, Content Inspiration

Link Research Tools

Apart from the all-in-one SEO suites that are described above that include backlink research feature, there’s a free tool that lets you explore your competitor’s (or your own) backlinks: This Free Backlink Checker Tool

It works incredibly smoothly: Simply put your domain or URL and use filters to dig through the referring URLs, anchor texts, link types (follow/nofollow), etc.:

Your Free Backlink Checker Tool

There are several more backlink checking tools that I am going to check but that one is a good place to start.

New Tools I Am Going to Dig in Next:

I don’t have time to play with all the tools I’d like to, but here are a few of those that look really promising:

  • Content King: Content tracking and monitoring software that reports pages and consequent rankings impact
  • Convert Kit: A cool email marketing and automation software which comes highly recommended
  • Mailshake: A great blogger outreach tool that helps you send nice personalized emails
  • Pitchbox: An influencer and outreach platform which you cannot buy unless you do a demo (which is why I haven’t tried it yet)
  • Business process management tools for more streamlined operations

And which tools are you planning to try? Give me more ideas!

Please contact me if you think I may be interested in your tool

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  1. Ann,

    Great list you have compiled here. Almost I have experienced or at least heard of most of the digital marketing tools you mentioned here. Among all, Ahrefs is awesome. It may be a little expensive. Still, it is worth using.

  2. Ahrefs is one of my favourite tools. I often use this tool to check backlinks of my competitor and it helps me improve ranking of my website. Semrush is also widely used to check position of your targetted keyword and plan accordingly then.

  3. I am using ahref but it isn’t giving any exact information on keyword volume or traffic, So on which site i can trust to approx value.

  4. Minakshi Srivastava says:

    Great collection of SEO Tools.I always use ahrefs and now i am going to use spyful

  5. Hi Ann,

    Very curious about the TextOptimizer. I have been geeking out on keyword research and this seems like an interesting tool. SEMrush and Ahrefs is my favorites. I find value in using multiple tools. They all vary some with there results and I base a lot of my decisions on the average. That has been working well for my clients.

    Take care

  6. Ann,

    Really Awesome list of tools that every online webmasters must opt for. By th way, good to see few more new tools you have added. Recently, I have got ot know about MailShake and using it. Great. Thanks for your efforts.

  7. Serpstat is one tool I have never used before but it looks very interesting with the organising of keywords!

    I will definitely be adding that to our list of tools to try. Thanks Ann!

  8. BolVow, this is incredibly awesome post.?Spyfu, Aerostat, Buzzso are my favorites, however I would like to check TextOptimizer. Thanks a lot Ann for the comprehensive list of awesome digital marketing tools.
    – Rajat Chauhan

  9. Making this necessity a business opportunity, the developers and start-ups have sprung up with their own Digital Marketing tools that hack the time and enables the businesses to make the most of the clock in a day.

    These SEO tools can organize and manage the SEO AUdit, Content Marketing, and Research.

    Again, thanks for sharing for new tools with us!

  10. Hey, Ann

    For keywords reseaching, I’m using in 2019 the kw finder let me know the exact info that difficulties showing kw finder can expect it’s working for 2019… Well, I like the article for sharing your experiences of tools step by steps…

    Michel Joachim

  11. Thank you! I’ve heard good things about MailShake as well!

  12. Hi Steve, Text Optimizer is not a replacement for SEMrush or Ahrefs but it is a GREAT additional tool to use!

  13. I am using ahref but it isn’t giving any exact information on keyword volume or traffic, So on which site i can trust to approx value.

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