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Monitor & Control Your Name Search Results in Google: My New Premium Course

Monitor & Control Your Name Search Results in Google: My New Premium CourseOne thing I’ve realized throughout the years in digital marketing: Your biggest asset, your biggest accomplishment and your biggest success is you, your brand.

I’ve been through the ups and downs throughout this crazy journey (And I hope more are still ahead) but my personal brand has been saving me all the time.

That’s something you cannot lose due to some algorithm whims and that’s something that gets you back on your feet after you fall.

I’ve never even had to look for a job or a gig in my life! (Well, except for right after the college when I was bored…)

People have seen what I do, searched my name in Google, got impressed with what they saw and found the way to get in touch.

I am a living proof of the power of well-optimized Google SERPs: When you search my name in Google, you cannot help thinking “She must be a big deal!” (Well, I am not but don’t tell anyone!)

Impressive search results have been my most powerful testimonial and my resume.

Now I decided to tell you how to achieve those impressive search results for your name as well.

***Introducing my first ever premium course: Reputation Management: Control Your Name Google Search!***

And not just your personal name: Your business brand name will benefit either. Think about promoting your business most notable accomplishments and testimonials! Think about instilling trust and building loyalty!

Note: As always, if you have any ideas on promoting my brand new course (You want to share a feedback, review it, etc), please get in touch and I’ll create a custom coupon. This course is more an experiment than anything else, so I’d be happy to let you take it for free if you are willing to contribute any ideas or provide help!

Launch a New Site: Double Your Profit Challenge: You’ll Never Know Unless You Do It!

It’s not about ideas. It’s about making #MBUstormWhen was the last time you had an idea of a new site, a startup or a new business model? I am sure, you get some cool ideas daily!

Then you sleep on it, realize you don’t have time or you have some plans or you have other commitments and you just put it away.

What if that idea could change your life for the better? What if it could open new opportunities or make you a happier person? What if it could turn your life upside down?

You’ll never know!

Read on: Launch a New Site: Double Your Profit Challenge: You’ll Never Know Unless You Do It!

How We Re-Define Content Marketing Training #MyBlogU

mbustorm-challengeWhat does a usual content marketing training lack?

  • Practice
  • Fun and Play
  • Motivation…

We are going to change it!

Meet our FREE content marketing training experiment: #MBUstorm challenge!

Here’s how we are re-defining content marketing training:

  • We encourage you to brainstorm content ideas for 30 days, every day, using MyBlogU brainstorm section
  • Once you are done, we give you FREE access to the most awesome PRO social media tools for further education and practicing!

We motivate you through a 30-day challenge, we make it fun by providing prizes and we give you lots of room for practice daily, using MyBlogU tools, and then after that using our partners’ tools!

Training + Brainstorming + Writing for 30 days = GREAT tools to use after that!

By November you are sure to be a much more knowledgeable content and social media marketer than you ever though you would!

If you take and pass the challenge, we will give you a certificate at the end (We plan to have this challenges regularly because we believe in learning when you are ACTING and we believe in acting when it’s fun!)

… as well as great tools to use (and even cash to a happy winner)

Does it sound fantastic?

The rules:

  1. Use MyBlogU Brainstorm section every day for 30 days
  2. Whatever you do, tweet it using the hashtag #mbustorm DAILY
  3. Once your 30 days are over, submit your results or experience

***In a nutshell:

Read on: How We Re-Define Content Marketing Training #MyBlogU

Ann Smarty Looking for the Perfect Sponsors

go_1Quick disclaimer before I go deeper into that: No, this is NOT about cash-only sponsorships or sponsoring me personally or this blog. This is about giving more exposure to your products, tools or services only if they can benefit our community members and initiatives we are committed to.

I was inspired by yesterday’s #blogchat as well as the the future MyBlogU brainstorm challenge (which we are planning) and decided to write this article describing all the opportunities I can offer you through a few great communities I am building!

Listen, you have something of value or you want to be heard: We have the community that may LOVE that!

Read on: Ann Smarty Looking for the Perfect Sponsors

Crafting an About Page that Proves the AUTHORITY in You

tips-about-pageThere are always those little but important things you need to do but never have time / motivation / memory to. For me, that’s my “About me” page. I set up my blog back in 2008-ish and my About page has been almost intact since then.

Yet, that’s not even a little thing… I talk so much about personal branding and I haven’t even done the essentials for myself: Taking care there’s one place on the web that has most complete information on myself.

Our new project MyBlogU helped me to get motivated. I created an interview request asking people to give me some tips and examples om how to create a winning “About me” page.

My page is still work in progress (but at least I’ve started working on it thanks to the wonderful people who came to help!) Plus, thanks to those answers, I also got inspired to write my very first Medium post telling my story.

So much accomplished thanks to a single MyBlogU project! Thanks!

Below I am featuring those helpful answers hoping they will inspire you as much as they inspired me: Read on: Crafting an About Page that Proves the AUTHORITY in You

Create And Market Video Courses That Sell On Udemy

udemy**A few weeks ago I launched a free course at Udemy and fell in love with the platform. I don’t publish too many guest articles at SEOsmarty (as it’s more personal blog) but I couldn’t resist this perfect match:

Rob Cubbon is BOTH valued user and Udemy expert, so I reached out to him and invited to teach us a lesson on how to market your video courses at Udemy!

Please meet Rob:**

If all my years of blogging have taught me anything it’s this: we are all experts, influencers and teachers. We know stuff that other people don’t. We can help people and we have a saleable commodity.

Now that university courses can leave graduates crippled with debt and without any guarantee of a job, online learning is predictably big business. A survey by Ambient Insight Research showed that the worldwide market for e-learning products is expected to be $50 billion in 2015.

Udemy is the market leader in career skills video courses, boasting 3 million students and over 16,000 courses. Read on: Create And Market Video Courses That Sell On Udemy

10 Things that Make @MyBlogU Group Interviews Feature so Freaking Awesome

Two weeks ago we opened MyBlogU for public beta testing. The free platform, aiming to help bloggers to succeed, has lots of features ahead, but it has already been received with overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Here are 10 reasons to try MyBlogU group interviews feature today:

Get featured as an expert1. Get featured as an expert is the easiest way to get featured among niche experts. You can login, browse to “Interviews” and see all the important details at a glance:

  • Blog name and URL
  • Blog stats at a glance (don’t go crazy about this stats: Just use it as it is: quick-reference numbers that you may want to investigate further)
  • The date when the interview was last updated
  • The interview deadline

Read on: 10 Things that Make @MyBlogU Group Interviews Feature so Freaking Awesome