Ann Smarty - SEO MomOk, I now can make public what I’ve been keeping secret for 9 months! On November, 23 I gave birth to a tiny girl – my first baby!

I am Slavic and hence superstitious, so I won’t tell you much, neither will I make her photos public so far.

I will have to slow down on most of my projects and be less active in social media in the nearest future, so please everyone who failed to receive an email from me – bear with me. I’ll do my best to learn to combine my professional and mommy’s lives effectively – but I need time.

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I am the owner of this blog as well as Brand and Community Manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas and Founder of MyBlogGuest, MyBlogU and

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  1. Congratulations Ann! Very excited for you, and, of course, wish you the best. We’re hoping to have kids of our own one of these days 🙂

  2. Wow! Congratulations to you Ann. I wish you and your new baby a healthy and happy new year!

  3. Great news! Congratz!

  4. Congratulations, Ann! Be sure to take it easy (FOR REAL)—those first weeks can be killer.

    Don’t worry, though, you’ll find a “new normal” soon enough! I have a two-year-old and a four-month-old, so I can promise you it does get easier. 😀

  5. Kim Krause Berg says:

    I’m so happy for you! This is an amazing time. I wish you both great joy, love and a zillion trillion precious moments 🙂

  6. Chaitanya Patel says:

    Many Many Many Congratulations to you Ann.
    Your article were not published since a very long time as a guest post and you were bit quite on your blog too. Its good to hear from you after being an SEO Mom.
    Its great time for you and your cute baby.
    Congratulations again.
    Chaitanya Patel
    SEO Expert

  7. Internet Marketing Services says:

    Aww thats sweet.. Heartly Congratulations to you..

  8. Congrats Ann! Welcome to the, erm, interesting world of parenthood. 😀 I wish you and your family all the best! Take all the time you need. We’ll be here when you get back.

  9. Congrats Ann :)))))

  10. Hello,

    Congratulations on your Baby Girl.
    Babies are Gods gift to us. They are the sweeties things in the world. Hope you love being a mother it is the best joy there is.

    Rachel Chartrand

  11. Hi Ann
    Firstly a belated congratulations on becomming a mother, I wish you and your daughter every hapiness.
    I first noticed a couple of articles written by you on other sites a while back, liked the articles then looked you up.

  12. Congratulations to you Ann 😉

  13. Wandering around today, checkin’ in on a few old friends and thought about you. Looks like the day arrived and all is well. Congratulations Ann !!

  14. My Hearty Congratulation Ann!

  15. Congratulations, Ann! I wish you all the best..

  16. wow, I just came across this Ann.. Congrats.. wishing you the best!

  17. Hi Ann – Congratulations. I hope you’re coping well and looking forward to your first Christmas with your new baby.

  18. cuocthiseo says:

    congratulations, wish all best things will come to both on new year!

  19. Web Design Services says:

    Congratulations Ann!

  20. hi, Ann

    Great to see you as Mom. Congratulations…to you and our Hubby.

    So, what’s the name of little Angel girl?

  21. Congrats!

  22. lynda dmoch says:

    Congrats! My only daughter will be sixteen in July….where does the time go? Hang on…because you are in for one heck of a ride!
    And you won’t change a minute of it! Believe me – it’s the most wonderful “accomplishment” ever! God bless!

  23. Congratulations Ann!
    and thanx for sharing happiness with us.

  24. Hey Ann
    Take care of your little one.

  25. Wow! Great News.
    Congratulations Ann.

  26. A little late but Congrats on the Baby…Hope shes doing good!

  27. congratulations … Ann

  28. Congratulations Ann.Wish you all the happiness to you and your family.Thanks for sharing.

  29. Jagan Mangat says:

    oh Congrats,a new female seo smarty born.hahaha…………

  30. Create a website says:

    Hi Ann
    How is a small girl, is certainly already grown into a beauty 🙂

  31. Congratulations Ann! Wish you best of luck

  32. Congratulations! I’m also Ukrainian and very happy for you and our motherhood. Such people as you will build strong country

  33. Vikas Arora says:

    Its good to know that you are mom of a little baby 🙁

  34. Congratulations Ann ! Great to see you as Mom. Take care of yourself and the little girl……

  35. Congrats! I know you were pregnant a long time back, now your children might be very near to 5 – 6 years. So, I am just very happy about you and your blog.

  36. Congratulations…I love being an SEO Dad! =) My Son is 14 months and love being able to work fromm home and spend time with him daily.

  37. Whoooaaa… Ann I wish you the best in 2017! Nice to meet you, and have a wonderful day!

  38. Congratulations Ann, I am an SEO Dad! Daughter is 13 months. Working from home is great.

  39. Major congratulations Ann! I currently have two stepsons (4 & 8) and i JUST recently had a little girl 🙂 I must say that I’m extremely thankful to be in the profession I’m in so I can have more time with my children. I bet you feel the same!

  40. Congratulations Ann! Wow, she must be all grown up now 🙂

  41. Congrats! cool to read older posts like this to catch up on some of the old school SEOers ;0)

  42. Congratulations Ann! Whoooaaa

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