Last year we started a great tradition: Sharing MyBlogGuest stats with the world.

A little bit of history. We shared our 2013 progress in the closing #myblogguest Twitter chat of 2013. Here are some milestones:

  • Google started talking about guest blogging, so we started talking about Google 🙂 We amended our quality guidelines trying to adapt them to what Google was stating. Not all people were happy.
  • In an effort to make guest blogging more personal, we introduced Google Authorship. (If you look at this and the previous one… Why would Google not love us :))
  • Our users were complaining about the quality of blogs (understandably because low quality is easier to notice as it comes in high quantity). We introduced blog ratings and allowed our community to decide which blogs they want to see in MBG and which ones they want to keep inactive.
  • Our WordPress plugin was released out of alpha and made it to (check out all the great reviews and leave one ;))
  • Our super team has formed
  • We added lots of features including Articles Requests, Elite gallery, Books gallery, etc:

The biggest thing we came to understand in 2013: As the community defending the good image of guest blogging we need to position ourselves as the thought leader, hence we spend more and more time, money and effort developing free training courses (Elite program) as well as lost of other training opportunities.

In the end, we have stepped on a harder, more complicated path than we had been following in 2012. We have accepted more responsibility as to what type of content is being placed through our platform…

The Stats

Here are some numbers:

  • Our user base has almost tripled since the previous infographic
  • Almost 300,000 unique free articles have found homes through MyBlogGuest Articles Gallery
  • Infographics gallery is doing slower…
  • The average number of daily-placed articles has grown just a bit (Obviously because the number of blogs that are eager to accept just about anything has dropped)

To make the long story short, here’s the infographic:


You can see the previous version here.

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  1. Great details. I’m excited for 2014 for your company and hope I can contribute more. Thanks for all you do for blogging and SEO Ann.

  2. When my wife was pregnant with our second child, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to love him as much as I loved his sister. Who could possibly love that much? Somehow, though, love magically magnified.

    I get the same sort of feeling from this infographic. How could 2014 possibly surpass the incredible magnitude of advancements Ann and her team accomplished in 2013? Surely, this year will be eclipsed … or will it?

  3. @Don, funny that’s exactly what I am thinking when my husband and I are talking about having another child (that’s probably why we haven’t got the other one do far!)

    I am sure 2014 will be a great year as we MUST finally solve the re-design issue which has been planned for about 3 years now. The current look hurts our brand because we are MUCH more authoritative and professional than we look! 🙂

    Thanks for all your work!

  4. @Nate, thanks for stopping by! We haven’t spoken for years! Thanks for your kind words too!

  5. Jonathan Moore says:

    Wow you guys have come a long way since 2009! I am only sorry I did not find out about MyBlogGuest sooner!

    Nearly tripling your users in 1 year is a real accomplishment there!

    Keep up the good work!

  6. Thanks a lot, Jonathan! We love having you part of our family!

  7. Great work this year guys. I’m glad to see that the MyBlogGuest community is doing so well. Hope this year you’ll met even new goals in making this link-building strategy become a strong connection inside the blogger community.

  8. Thanks for share this amazing infographic with us. I like your pattern and color combination.

  9. I wonder Matt cutts from Google might have seen this post and acted on your site Ann :-/

  10. Google supply company with great potential. Long hours and hardworking individuals.

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