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My relationships with social media have never been easy. I always really *love* the site I am using but I still manage to break rules from time to time. When I was just getting acquainted with social media sites, I thought they were simply for self-promoting my own articles. I saw no other point of using them.

Later when I saw the real point in actually getting involved and giving back to the community, I was still under radar. I was banned from StumbleUpon. Then I was publicly accused of gaming Sphinn (sadly, those Tweets are nowhere to be found today but now looking back at that issue, I do feel I was rightfully accused).

The trick with spam is that you actually never know. Different people have different opinions as to what is acceptable and what is not. So how about the official Social Media TOS (click the image do see the full version)?

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<a href=""><img alt="social media spam infographic" src="" width="600" height="1438" /></a>

This infographic is the re-packaged (and a bit advanced) version of my recent Mashable guest post. What can I say, I love content re-packaging!

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  1. I don’t spam my networks, but I see @seosmaty seems to spam twitter on a regular basis.

  2. What can I say! My followers seem to like it! So what makes it spam then? 😉

  3. Nice Information! Although, you said you were banned from StumbleUpon and they are no where on your list. =P

    How in the world did you get banned from there? I mean the only way I can see possible banning from Social Media is by like you said gaming the system. But, how do they even find that out? Unless of course you were doing it wrong XD.

    If I was going to do it, I would use an ipswitcher + multiple proxies and upvote my own stuff. But that is too much work for the ROI. It is easier to just have friends =P

  4. @PJ

    Calling it spam on Twitter is kind of an oxymoran, because it is opt in. If you think Ann’s or anyone else’s tweets are spammy then simply unfollow genius.

    Now my definition of actual Twitter spam is people who are only trying to sell you crap or people who tweet only 100% self promotional content.

    But again no need to complain about it when it happens simply unfollow

  5. Hey, basically, adding people you dont know might be considered as spam, uh?
    Ny the way i wish i had a macro to increase my google circles faster xD

  6. Yeah, I agree with Gerald. If you don’t like someone you are following then unfollow them.

    I did have a twitter account that I set up with an automatic twitter thingy made by a complete rip-off of a guy. I got banned because of that tool. I was reported as spam…and I probably was. I don’t use anything automated for my social networks anymore. Not worth being banned for.

  7. Tweeted this Ann;) Being labeled as spam can definitely hurt our online reputation. To avoid this, it would be of great help if we review the terms and conditions of each social media site. I believe the rules will make our Internet experience more fun and fulfilling.

  8. Nice, Information but I really want to know about spamming.

    What actually you mean of spamming?

    you said different people have different thoughts than sometimes people mixed the ideas than are they spamming or what?

  9. Rita Dawson says:

    Great Post! I feel bad that I am also spamming my favorite website. I never thought it that way, as I thought it to be a way to promote my website. Now, I have got to consider about it and Stop Spamming. Thanks for sharing such good information.

  10. Sharon Thomas says:

    Spamming is a word that is gaining great attention. Yes we need to be careful while posting videos and while playing games on social sites. There are softwares that can control spam. These softwares play a great role in protecting your website.

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