Google evolutionA few weeks ago I did a large post on the past five years of history of Google: That was a cool exercise as I got to remind yourself and organize in my mind lots of Google changes I was lucky to witness (I know that sounds like I am very old btw).

Now, in the course of the above research, I came across lots of screenshots which allowed me to create these two slideshows. You don’t need the wayback machine to witness Google evolution now. It’s all there:

Home Page Evolution

What’s your favorite year??

Download the full-size version with better images

Search Results Evolution

Link to your screenshots, name the year and I’ll include them in the slideshow!

Download the full-size version with better images

So what’s next? We’ll see but it has been a fun ride so far! No offense taken; no matter how much we grumble, we still love you, Google, and admire your founders and team, just be easy on us 😉

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  1. Great slideshows Ann 🙂
    These two slideshows reminds me of the better days when Google was much simpler. My favorite year is 1999 when I started with researching on Internet.

  2. Excellent post! Those days are good, when Google was not so filled up with stuff you don’t really need while searching but it’s a fact that everything evolves and that’s for the best, I think. User’s should also evolve and embrace the change.

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