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Blogging tours are so much fun! I always feel nostalgic for those 100%-blogging days back when all I did was writing articles all.the.time.

That was the time of participating in blogging contests, enrolling into blogging tours and carnivals, doing lots of guest posts a week and much more.

That’s why I was so happy to be tagged by a good friend and featured Viral Content Buzz user Ivana Zuber to take part in this blogging tour.

As the honored participant in the party, below I am giving my answers to the questions every other guest answered or will answer:

1. What am I working on?

Ummm, sometimes it feels easier to say what I am NOT working on now 🙂

Ok, let’s just list the most recent things:

  • I created and launched a ViralContentBuzz Udemy course where I collected all our video guides and tutorials in one place (steal this idea!) It’s still a work in project but that’s a solid start if you are looking for benefiting from our platform (my own personal case study can be found here)
  • I did a Reddit AMA which seemed to go quite well. Check it out: sometimes I still check it to see if there are new questions. I am also quite happy with this video interview I did with Bright Local.
  • I am working on the digital book on creating and participating in Twitter chats (and I am starting to think I should couple it with the Udemy course as well). The training will be dedicated to my side hobby project TwChat
  • I am also launching a new content marketing platform within a week (that will be described in my next article on this blog). For the past weeks I was very busy testing and creating promo videos and guides for it.

I have a few weekly recurring tasks as well, the major one is blogging for the ninja family.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I am briefI’ve touched upon this topic in my most recent article at LinkedIn. When I started, I struggled to blog because I didn’t know English well enough… So instead of dropping the idea of blogging in a non-native language, I decided to turn my weakness into my selling point.

As a result, due to being limited in the way to express myself, I started writing blog posts filled with comparison charts, presentations and annotated screenshots. I was forced to find more creative ways to present the information than just words (which I didn’t know well). At the end of the day, that’s what made my writing stand out and that’s why people actually remembered me…

…That and my smart moniker 🙂

3. Why do I write what I do?

I like telling this story… Most recently I told it in the interview to Sixty Marketing:

[7 years ago] One day my boss invited me to the office and while browsing Jim Boykin’s and Rand Fishkin’s blogs, said: “I want you to become as smart and well-known as those guys“…

I’ve used blogging to actually document my way “there” (I am still on my way FYI) as well as better organize my newly-acquired knowledge and get motivated. When you know this is going to be a blog post, you go above and beyond to research more on the topic, hence there comes more indepth and better structured understanding of what you are learning. I strongly recommend blogging as a learning tool!

4. How does my writing process work?

I do lots of notes… both organized and just anywhere I see. I save notes all the time whenever I see an interesting tweet or come across a good article.

More often than not inspiration comes as a flash, so it’s best to sit down and actually right the damn thing before it’s gone. My best articles are fueled by inspiration, so I try to never miss the flash… yes I am a fun person to live with, as you can imagine 🙂

Who I’d Love to Pass the Torch

Now, to my good friends who I’d like to answer the same questions and thus take part in this blogging tour:

Lynn TerryLynn Terry has been working online for more than 17 years and blogging for a full decade. Lynn is a great friend throughout the years. She is one of those you don’t chat too much to, but you can be sure you can rely on her.

If you haven’t yet, do subscribe to Lynn’s blog:

LuanaLuana Spinetti, a freelance writer since 2009. Luana has been one of our biggest supporter and a great friend.

She is also a great writer, so save the details for the time you need someone good for your site! Luana’s writing website is here:

jennyJenny Halasz has over a decade of experience in all aspects of online marketing. Thanks for jumping in, Jenny!

Jenny’s website is JLH Marketing

I hope you enjoyed it as much I did!

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