Tracking Google Keyword Position

I have just posted another article at Search Engine Journal describing a way to monitor Google keyword positions over time.

Tracking SERPs is an important SEO technique that helps:

  • to get a deeper understanding of how search engines work;
  • to keep an eye on both your new and established competitors;
  • to discover new SEO tactics and to learn their effectiveness.

Here is a short outline of the post to give you an idea:

Post image: North Narrabeen Rock Pool Before Dawn

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  1. yeah, it’s definelty a useful thing to do..
    Btw cool video-makeup!

    – Wakish –

  2. Thanks for the quick vid. I just signed up for thanks to you.

    – Chris

  3. B.S. RAthore says:

    how i trace keyword position on search engines ?

  4. Thank you so much for the way you have selected to share things.
    Because video tutorials is the easiest way to teach people.

  5. Web site submission says:

    nice video, i like video sharing b/c it is easy way to understand.

  6. Free uptime monitor (every 5 min) and free sms alerts –
    Also free keywords position and website rank monitor

  7. There is so much to do if you want to top in Google, thanks for giving me a new tool in my “journey” 😉

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