happy to be back

Ok, my blog is back! I have to apologize for being so dumb that the hosting transfer took me about a week! But please bare with me: I have reasons (well, one reason to be precise) to be busy and overwhelmed and… Alright, I guess that’s enough for excuses – I just mean to say I am sorry and I am so excited to see my blog back!

Happy Holidays to all of you!!! This has been an exciting year for me! It deserves to end with a huge party.

Image credits: I’m so happy!

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  1. Don’t rush it, hon – they are only teeny tiny once and it doesn’t last long – and, more importantly, what are you doing mucking round with a blog when you could be getting some sleep???

  2. Chaitanya Patel says:

    Its nice to see you back on web. However you should have some rest in holidays. I wish your new year will be rocking… Mary Christmas.

  3. I’m glad to see your blog back. However, I agree with the previous commentors as well. Get some rest and enjoy that wonderful newborn baby! It won’t kill us, or you, to go a couple weeks without posting here, or elsewhere.

    I’m pretty sure the industry won’t change that much in a few weeks. 😉

  4. SEO Positive says:

    nice blog. Ha ha, you silly for letting you site fall. Well at least its back now.

  5. SEO smarty is back! Yay! *claps hands*

    So glad to see your site back online Ann. Hope all is well and you are having a great holiday! 🙂

  6. Gr8 to see you back 🙂

  7. Welcome back, Ann! I hope you have a happy holidays with the little one. 🙂

  8. Welcome back again, iam very glad to see the blog and wish you a prosperous new year-2009.Thanks.

  9. san diego says:

    Its an honored to visit your blog,keep posting.

    by: ricka

  10. Bill Simcox says:

    I must confess… I didn’t know that you had been away, but this is a very informative blog to read.

    Not too technical and not too wordy.

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