SEO SlogansLike color, design, and name a company slogan/tagline is may be an essential part of any brand (note: mine have none yet πŸ™‚ ). I am not going to list key features of a good marketing slogan (you are most probably well aware of them: short, catchy, unique, etc, etc) – I don’t like repeating what is said in each and every how-to-create-a-good-slogan post. What I still want to point out are some advanced features that are often overlooked by most experienced copywriters.

Keep in mind:

1. Rank your company website for your slogan/tagline (the easiest way to do that is to include your brand name in it);
2. Brand your slogan (e.g. make it part of your company logo/banner);
3. Avoid nonsense and worthless [SEO] phrases (like ‘Cheap and Unique SEO Services‘… grrr…);
4. Create a universally understandable slogan.

So how do I sloganize my brand?

I am not a professional copywriter, but I want to create a slogan for my website. How do I do that? (yep, you did expect me to give some actionable advice, didn’t you?)

>>> Find inspiration in English idioms and cliches. Quick example (note, that’s the first thing that came to my mind, so bare with me πŸ™‚). Every trick in the book” may become “Every trick in SEO,” or something like that.

Note: don’t forget about slogan feature #4 and also about British/American English language differences.

>>> Check English slang and urban phrases (e.g. ‘internetly speaking‘, nice one, huh?);

Note: again, slang may be area specific and often… well, rude.

>>> Learn from others’ mistakes and successful inventions.

Note: if your business belongs to a different vertical (than the original slogan owner’s), you can freely use someone else’s idea unless it’s universally or generally popular.

It’s time for some examples:

Most prominent (i.e. my favorite) feature:

SEO Slogan:

– contains the brand name; “Read SEOmoz. Rank better. ” (
– is part of brand logo/banner; “Get Found!” (
– is catchy and ideally matches the brand image; “I’m sexy and I do SEO.” (
– clearly describes the service itself; “Our job is to make you stand out.” (

So… Please vote:

Some Fun?

1. Watch this bad slogan game – quite a nice read;

2. Try this slogan generator. This is what I got for ‘SEO’ there:

SEO Slogans

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  1. How about:

    “Is that an SEO in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

  2. How about…

    iz in ur website gettin u rankins

    (obviously this would need to be beside a logo containing a cute looking cat playing with a computer mouse)

  3. You found us – now lets help you get found…

  4. @Norbert: thanks for demonstrating how to put theory into practice!

    @Mark: Lol, no seriously, I didn’t expect that from you!

    @Pete: nice idea! I love cats and would love to have one as a brand logo!

    @rishil: really, really great idea! It’s just awesome!

  5. Scott Boyd says:

    I’ve always liked:

    DaveN: “can’t beat a good rank”
    Suggarrae: “never mess with a woman who can pull rank”


  6. Andy Murdoch says:

    Ha, the slogan generator came up with:

    “A finger of SEO is just enough to give your kids a treat”

    Don’t think I’ll be using that one!

  7. Hmm a finger of SEO?

    Sounds like a “a spoon full of SEO will make the strategy go down”… lol or should it be up?

  8. Hjortur Smarason says:

    How about:

    One SEO a day, makes your pain go away


    SEOsmarty makes your keywords party

    That’s maybe kind of corny, lol – I’m in a riming mood today πŸ™‚

  9. @Andy: no, you better not πŸ™‚

    @Hjortur: didn’t know you were a poet!

  10. How about:

    SEO: Being smart enough to get found!

  11. Let’s mix all of them:

    Get sexy for SEO. Read Ann Smarty’s blog.

  12. I’ll SEOSmarty The Pants Off You!

    as in – Smarty Pants πŸ˜‰

  13. okay – one more (inspiration from Rishi – who I hate with a vengeance by the way) πŸ˜‰

    “Getting You From the Lost to the Found.”

  14. Okay, I’m pathetic. On that last one –

    (replace “Getting” with “Taking”)

    Has a better flow – and has a “taking control” kinda feel to it.

    “Taking you from Lost to Found”

  15. @Sean: you are surely my hero! That’s a great idea! I’m loving it. Besides I am the Lost show fan – so you are my personal winner!!!

    How about: “SEOSmarty: taking you from Lost to Found”


  16. @ Ann – I love it. It combines all of the elements you’ve discussed – short & sweet, includes the brand, easy to remember and a powerful statement. Glad to contribute!

  17. Hey Ann! I loved this post. You’ve got some very good ideas in this post πŸ™‚

  18. @ Sean, I hate you too…
    So do I get any credit πŸ™ ?

  19. @rishil: You do know I love both of you, don’t you? πŸ˜‰ (oops, sorry that wasn’t me saying that, that was a bolder part of me; I can’t control that)

    and yep, that was you who inspired Sean, so you definitely rock!

  20. Ann – I’ve been watching your blog grow – very interesting….

    I am just having a makeover with my business and am dreaming up some logo in my mind I am English (but live here) and that would be a possible outlet for my future logo designer….

    Anyone have any brilliant ideas?


  21. My SEO Slogan is “Every Link is an Investment, So Invest Wisely”

  22. My SEO Slogan is: “Give your site the Podium” πŸ™‚

  23. Dara Solomon says:

    Hi! I think I’m, oh, 10 years late on this post or so. πŸ˜‰ But felt like sharing the slogan I came up with for my newly-launched 1-man freelancing SEO company: It’s “Just what the Google ordered.”

    I liked it!

    (I have just started this “business”–although it’s really more just a freelancer / sole proprietership, so the website isn’t up yet. However, I do have a resume and half a decade experience, if you are ever looking to partner up!)


    Dara Solomon

  24. Hello! Ann, Thanks for sharing your valuable experience in the form of valuable information.

    I also want to suggest a slogan

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