While at SEJ I posted a list of my favorite SEO plugins, here I decided to follow-up with the list of extensions that save time and let you work more effectively:

Tools Most useful feature How useful I consider the tool
Foxmarks Bookmarks synchronizer very useful
Wizz RSS RSS and Atom news reader for FF very useful
Co.mments Track any blog conversation Useful
Read later Quickly save a page for further reference More or less useful
Morning Coffee Schedule any site(s) to open on a set day More or less useful
Page Saver Easily capture a page More or less useful
Google notebook save and share notes More or less useful
InFormEnter help in form filling More or less useful

1. Foxmarks – synchronize your bookmarks across several computers (most useful if you are working both at office and at home like me). Access your bookmarks from any computer anytime via my.foxmarks.com.


2. Wizz RSS – easily access your feed list via FireFox.

Most useful features:

  • Sort the blogs in folders;
  • See what you have already read (red bullet) and which post is new/not yet viewed (green button).
  • synchronize your subscriptions across several computers with help of Foxmarks.

Wizz RSS

3. Page Saver – capture a page, resize and edit images.

Most useful features:

  • capture entire pages (not just the visible part);
  • scale captured images to any desired percentage.

Page Saver

4. Co.mments button – keep track of any blog conversation.


5. Read later – allows to bookmark pages to read them later; synchronize the pages using FoxMarks.

read later

6. Morning Coffee – schedule your favorite sites to open on a set day of the week; synchronize your settings using FoxMarks.

Morning Coffee

7. Google notebook – quickly save links and citations and arrange your notes in folders; share your notes with friends; access them from any computer using your Google account.

Google Notebook

8. InFormEnter – easy form filling.


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  1. I have to congratulate you Ann. I think you’re the first person who published a Firefox plugin post where the plugins were all new to me. I have Read it Later installed, but all the others were completely new.

    Some nice finds. Thanks

  2. Nice list, Ann. How do you find co.mments, though? I used them for around 9 months and agree that the FF extension is great but I got constantly frustrated by server downtime so moved to cocomment a month or so back.

  3. Although not a Firefox plugin, Yahoo!’s MyWeb actually does a lot of the tasks you ahve stated above (and the Save page button is on my Y! toolbar). I can add tag phrases to a page like “To Read Later” “To Watch”, save full copies of pages easily, access all my bookmarks on any computer, and on top of it all search the full text of all of my saved pages. So, while some of the ones above are OK, you have to use many products. For full disclosure, i used to work at Y! but not anymore…oh, and the one person who claims everything is new…hmm, i guess they have never heard of Google notebook…perhaps they also don;t know about Google Search

  4. Morning coffee gets really old really fast, and decreases productivity as you end up repeatedly distracted. Life was much simpler with an SE homepage.

  5. Steen Öhman says:

    Nice list …

    Some very helpfull tools … but soon I need a bigger screen on my laptop.

    Firefox rules ….

  6. Hi,

    This is David . I what to know how work Roboform and is it necessary for SEO .

  7. Nice list. I think Read It Later is one of my favorites and have been using it for awhile now.

  8. Thanks – This is such a good post. I will be bookmarking this page, and looking over it in more details. There’s a huge amount of potential with the plugins you have mentioned

    Thanks again

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