Organizing Your Keyword Modifiers

I just posted an article on SEJ describing different ways to organize your keyword list to make the most of your thematic search modifiers. Throughout the post I’ve been describing the necessity of exploring your keyword modifiers to:

  • to get more organic search traffic;
  • to wisely optimize your internal site structure;
  • to know how to interlink;
  • to get full control of your long tail strategy;
  • to better understand your visitor’s behaviour;
  • to get more ideas what to write about.

Here is the short post outline for you:

Post image: Puzzling Sky

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  1. Thats a well written piece Ann (as if I would expect anything else).

    I use a similar structure – getting this sort of organisation done even before you even look at your results actually helps you clarify whethere your long tail approach is working.

    Another area where organising your keywords logically can really help is when you are running a long tail target off wordpress – like I am. This means not only do you need to make sure you have the right category and subcategory tree, but also how you name your post pages.

    Random naming of posts will hurt you on duplicates – but if you follow a logical order, the SEO benefits increase.

  2. Thanks Ann, great information, I have been working on that for our main site, very useful information.

  3. I like the slide show Annie, keep up the great work.

    Like Rishil, I am a fan of long-tail optimization (over 7000 unique and growing according to hit-tail) and employing strategic information silos using WordPress.

    Despite what I have heard from others, I have found WordPress when tweaked to be an extremely powerful tool when combined with deep links, link building to categories or the sitemap as well as how rapidly the content gets spidered.

  4. Idaho Falls SEO says:

    Thanks for the slideshow. Long tail sure can drive a lot of traffic to your site.

  5. Busby SEO Test says:

    interactive post, I like it.

  6. Thanks for the help breaking down thematic keywords. This will help anyone to get more traffic.

  7. Simulation pret says:

    This post is very informative. Thanks a lot

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