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SEO Logo – What Should It Tell Your Customer?

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You might have already noticed (after my color branding, SEO Slogans and branding outside SEO) that I’m particularly interested in overall SEO niche marketing and branding recently – well, that’s all because I am just starting promoting my brand and service and so the topic seems new and exciting to me. Today I am going to share my thoughts and observations on SEO logos and banners.

Now what is the purpose of a company logo?

  • It gives visual representation of a professional SEO company service/product (and thus accounts for its positive associations);
  • It establishes a brand identity (making it unique and memorable).

Most important logo features are:

  • trustworthy (<= professional);
  • catchy/memorable (<= unique);
  • associative/symbolic (=> conveying feelings, and sending a message…);
  • matching the overall design;
  • clean and functional.

How Can SEO Be Graphically Described?

1) It can be represented as ‘growth‘ (e.g. growth in rankings, profit, etc).

Example: SeoDesignSolutions

(Note: I would have made it left-to-right growth though to make look more understandable for US and European people who are believed to think (as well as read) from left to right):

SEO association - ‘growth’

2) Uniqueness (the service that makes you stand out).

Example: SearchEnginePeople:

SEO association - ‘uniqueness’

3) The high quality of the service itself.

Example: a star by AdvanceRankings:

SEO association - ‘high qualiy of the service’

4) High level of professionalism/expertise.

Example: (well, besides myself) SearchEngineJournal:

SEO association - ‘professionalism/expertise’

Except for describing the service itself there are other types:

Type Example URL Example Logo
Abstract graphic symbol graphic symbol
Unique well branded image SearchEngineGuide Unique well branded image
Domain/brand Name ViperChill Domain/brand name

Get Inspiration:

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  1. 33 Responses to “SEO Logo – What Should It Tell Your Customer?”

  2. Thanks for using us as an example Annie. I love your writing style, enticing and to the point with visual references. Always a great read.

    By Jeffrey Smith on Apr 18, 2008

  3. Of course my favorite seo logo is SEOBook. If your a fan of “the big idea” you know Donny would “love it” it sais what the product is :)

    By San Francisco SEO on Apr 18, 2008

  4. Ann, what a great post. I personally find most SEO company logos on the repulsive side, but you’ve picked a couple of great ones to highlight. A keen eye, obviously!

    I also liked your brand post linked in the first sentence. Search Engine Guide has done a particularly great job of rebranding themselves recently, IMHO.

    By David Mihm on Apr 18, 2008

  5. The hard part: creating a good logo. Could take some time 😛

    By Lenen on Apr 20, 2008

  6. Thanks for using me as an example, and congratulations on another very unique post in the SEO industry, something that is quite a challenge.

    Keep up the good work

    By Glen Allsopp on Apr 21, 2008

  7. Hey Ann – thanks for using us in your example :-)

    Nice post!

    By Tom on Apr 21, 2008

  8. As always – very impressed with your creativity. You manage to come up with fresh ideas in an market that is ‘written to death’.

    By Arnie on Apr 21, 2008

  9. lol the day a logo makes or breaks an SEO company is the day proof of # 1 results no longer counts..

    What’s sad is the SEO industry is grown to critical mass where the only commentary that is new is about logos for SEO companies….doesn’t anyone have something noteworthy to report?

    Almost as good as the slew of what seos do pictures running amok…

    By Clint Dixon on Apr 21, 2008

  10. A good logo can make all the difference, I believe a good logo will be remembered by site visitors, or at least leave them with the memory of the brand/product

    By blue star web design on Apr 22, 2008

  11. Annie, Searchenginemarketingvox is a spam site; you have trackback spam above.

    I’d add that besides quality/professionalism, the logo can carry a message of the benefit you bring or your brand position. Hence SEP’s get found, Advance Rankings’ enhance business, and my own leaders demand results.

    By Gab "SEO ROI" Goldenberg on Apr 23, 2008

  12. @Gab: yes, a very good addition. As for the trackback, oh, I stopped worrying about those people long ago :) at least they linked back to me :)

    @everyone: thanks for the comments!

    By Ann Smarty on Apr 24, 2008

  13. Hey, great post. I found it to be one of the more challenging aspects of starting a company. Sometimes you get so caught up in SEO/SEM that you dont realize the impact a great company logo will have on many different aspects of your business (branding, repetition, sales materials, marketing materials, etc.)

    By Ronnie on Apr 28, 2008

  14. I don’t think these 2 elements have much to do with “having a logo” :
    1) Trustworthy
    2) Clean and functional

    Else, it’s a wonderfully explained article!
    keep going!
    – Wakish –

    By Wakish on May 10, 2008

  15. I’m going through a branding phase right now and have three logos to choose from – I know which one I’m choosing and it’s pretty lively.

    The “SEO” word is pretty much in your face as this is still the major buzz word for my target market.

    I can send the logos if you like Ann….


    By David Saunders on May 15, 2008

  16. So if you click on the Name part here you will see my in your face logo

    By Charlotte SEO on May 15, 2008

  17. I believe that logos for SEO companies are important. Great SEO is more important. If you build a logo, they will not come. If you create fantastic SEO for your site, they will. This is when you should really focus on your logo. It can play an important role in increasing conversions.

    By Stan, custom logo design man on Jul 30, 2008

  18. Branding is important but its an added value for any company.

    By mike on Aug 24, 2008

  19. Hi Ann, I just found this site, I normaly follow your articles on SearchEngineJournal :)
    Always seem to end up reading one of your articles whenever I search anything SEO related on Google – You have a great web presence!
    I have just rebranded my business name to “SEO Chester” and put an initial logo design on my site (will be improved – alot) I like the linking look i’ve created but cant think of a great slogan, any ideas?
    I looked at your SEO-Slogans post, nice article.

    By SEO Company Chester on Sep 4, 2008

  20. Great Post with a Great Example,

    Thank u

    By Search Engine Optimizer on Oct 1, 2008

  21. I like your logo. Very smart to use a magnifying glass in it. It’s all about searching ain’t it?

    By geld leningen on Oct 14, 2008

  22. @Geld, lol yeah :) that’s all about search of course. To tell you the truth, the logo was the creation of my very amateur PhotoShop skills and I hesitated if I should put it on the site.

    I am glad someone likes it :)

    By Ann Smarty on Oct 15, 2008

  23. Great post. I love the mix between a professional and unique logo. I don’t have one yet, but this post inspired me. thanks

    By SEO Expert Joel on Oct 15, 2008

  24. This is really good site and rich with content.

    By Link building Services on Nov 8, 2008

  25. Interesting post, branding is important but its an added value for any company.

    By Autoverzekering on Nov 15, 2008

  26. Its really good post,

    keep it up.

    By SEO EXPERT on Nov 18, 2008

  27. A lot of useful content, thanks

    By Geld lenen offerte on Mar 31, 2009

  28. Thanks for sharing this info!

    By verwarming en ventilatie on Apr 2, 2009

  29. I recently had a new logo designed for my company, and i’ve told the designer to put these elements into play:

    ** Memorable *easy for branding purposes
    ** Associative *to what i’m selling
    ** Matching company profile *clean and function

    These where the most important things I’ve came up with myself. I wish I could submit the logo as the designer did a really good job.

    By Doorlopend Krediet on Apr 28, 2009

  30. i think a good logo is so important to a website. they are not cheap to make if you do not have the software but it is important.

    By cheap domain names on May 15, 2009

  31. I think a clean, classic font can gain viewers’ trust. Trying too hard can sometimes take away from the essence of the company.

    By SEO Los Angeles on Oct 31, 2009

  32. Yes, I do think logo help a lot!

    By Website Hosting India on Apr 25, 2010

  33. I used a hopping frog on my SEO site!!

    By Seo Dubai on May 9, 2010

  34. Thanks Ann! Currently, I am in process of designing a logo for my website.This post is really helpful for me

    By free seo tools on Jul 22, 2010

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