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How I Got My eBook Reviewed for Free by Dozens of Bloggers (#MyBlogGuest Case Study)

eBooks galleryLast month MyBlogGuest added a new cool feature: eBooks gallery. It’s meant for both amateur and professional (digital) book writers who need to spread a word about their books.

It’s a most unintrusive outreach method:

  • You don’t pitch bloggers anything
  • Instead, you write about your book, upload to the gallery and let blogger apply to publish your reviews for free.

The idea is, bloggers love sharing relevant books in their niche. That’s also a good way to diversify your content too by offering your readers something different.

They love reading free eBooks too, so we give more prominence to free books in our Book gallery:

eBook gallery

As a most excited user of MyBlogGuest, I was happy to test the new gallery.

Here are my results…

Here are some examples of the official guest blogging eBook reviews:

[Note: All of these reviews are FREE. Bloggers publish them because they like your book, your review or your idea. I haven’t spent a penny for any of them]

MyBlogGuest eBooks

[The above gif is also my own entry to our autumn visual case study contest because it’s visual, it’s my own and it’s a success :)]

Here are some more eBook reviews placed through the gallery:

I like how it’s going so far! What about you?

Have you got an eBook you would like us to promote? Write about our new feature on your blog and you’ll get 1-month free access to all our PRO features including the eBooks gallery (just email us, tweet to @myblogguest or post a comment here!)


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  1. 8 Responses to “How I Got My eBook Reviewed for Free by Dozens of Bloggers (#MyBlogGuest Case Study)”

  2. Fantastic Idea! With promotion being one of the biggest obstacles for writers and authors, this could be a great help.

    Also nice to hear it worked so well for you.

    Thank you for sharing Ann :)

    By Ron Killian on Dec 2, 2013

  3. Thanks for reading, Ron! I hope it will be helpful!

    By by Ann Smarty on Dec 2, 2013

  4. Hi Ann,
    This is a smart move ( just like Riza) has stated. MyBlogGuest is a new tool for me. I guess I would have to explore the features and see how I can get more free reviews for my writings. Thanks for sharing this post!

    This comment was shared in the content syndication website for Internet marketers where this post was “kingged”.
    Sunday – contributor

    By Sunday on Dec 3, 2013

  5. Hi Ann,

    Wow! Very impressive results and thank you for providing the new addition. We just joined your site and love it – you’re doing a remarkable service for website owners, bloggers and authors!

    Thank you!

    By Pat Wyman on Dec 6, 2013

  6. Thanks for your very kind words, Pat!

    By by Ann Smarty on Dec 6, 2013

  7. This eBooks gallery feature that you guys have implemented sounds like a really great idea.

    It is definitely a great way to promote your eBooks!

    By Jonathan Moore on Jan 30, 2014

  8. great idea Ann thanks :)

    By Steven on Mar 27, 2014

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