Semantic Research + AI = Win

As search engines evolve beyond basic keyword matching, so does search engine optimization strategy.

Google is using hundreds and thousands of ranking signals, so we cannot possibly reverse-engineer all of them. What we do know for sure is that Google uses semantic analysis to better understand the context behind any query and machine learning to construct the best answer to that query.

Search engine optimizers can do the same, and now within a single tool.

If you know me well, you know that I am always excited about new tools and new innovative integrations, so here’s my new find!

Text Optimizer’s AI Integration

I have already shared my positive experience with the tool which I am using to create a better optimized landing page copy.

Now as they introduced AI writing capability, I thought the tool deserved another feature.

Text Optimizer is a semantic analysis and optimization tool that takes your search query, imports search snippets Google or Bing return when searching for is and extracts related concepts and entities you need to be using in your copy to make it more indepth and relevant.

The tool also identifies popular questions for each query using the similar algorithm Google uses to generate “People Also Ask” boxes.

From now on, you can also have Text Optimizer to write a well-optimized answer to each of those questions. This feature uses the new AI writing feature. The beauty is that your copy will also include those semantically essential concept and entities, so it will have better chances to rank well.

Here are the steps:

  • Sign in to Text Optimizer
  • Click “Start Optimizing”
  • Choose Google or Bing
  • Click “Start a new text”
  • Select an option “AI will write your text for you”
  • Type your target keyword and select a question you want to be answered

The tool will run AI to generate a semantically optimized copy answering your question:

Text Optimizer writes a semantically optimized copy for you

The copy will already be rated based on how well it is optimized. You can also see semantic keywords (concepts and entities) in bold within your new copy.

I think it if a perfect feature to create FAQs or create Q&A sections inside your content.

I am using Text Optimizer’s premium subscription but I believe you can run it once for free if you want to give it a try.

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  1. Ann Smarty,
    Thank you for the valuable information. I will try it and see the result. I have a doubt that Both Chat GPT and Text Optimizer are language models made to help with the creation and optimization of text content. What are the differences between these?

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