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Searching Google… by Author!

Search Google by Author[Update: This trick seems to have been discontinued]

It is amazing how many new things we may discover in very familiar services by just experimenting… I’ve been using Google for ages and I am quite familiar with its advanced operators but I just discovered a new one a couple of week ago.

Actually, I’ve been aware of it for quite some time but I thought it was supported only by Blog Search (and it never occurred to me to use it anyway) until one of our very awesome moderators shared it worked great in Google as well.

The operator is INPOSTAUTHOR:”Author Name” and it allows to filter search results by the author name. Try! [inpostauthor:”ann smarty”]

Author Google Operator

Now, if you come to think of it, there may be some great ways to take the full advantage of it!

Search For Guest Blogging Opportunities!

Find guest posting opportunitiesIf you guest post (and if you are following me for some time, I may have already persuaded you to start guest blogging), this operator could turn a life saver for finding new guest posting opportunities.

Let’s create some smart search queries:

  • inpostauthor:”guest author” {your topic here}
  • inpostauthor:”guest post” {your topic here}

Let’s try to broaden the search by including each of the slight variation above:

inpostauthor:”guest post” OR inpostauthor:”guest author”{your topic here}

Tons of new guest posting opportunities you would never be able to find otherwise! Some of them are not even labeled as “guest post” in any way – but they are!

Now, try playing with search sidebar looking for the most recent guest posts (some of those blogs may have just started accepting guest posts, so you’ll be one of the first featured!)

Follow Any Author

Remember that sweet little tool that lets you create daily email alerts of new search results indexed within the past 24 hours? All you need to is to search for your favorite author (let it be me… what? I am the owner of this blog: I can do whatever I want here :))

[inpostauthor:”ann smarty”]

Click “Show more options” to the right and filter the results to see those indexed within past 24 hours. Now grab the resulting URL and create a new free alert in the TrackEngine.

Alternatively, you can use Google Blog Search, filter results and:

  • Subscribe to RSS to track your favorite author throughout all blogs he contribute to;
  • Subscribe to email alerts of your favorite author’s new articles;

Subscribe to any author updates

Note: You may see some content scrapers now and then which you can filter out with help of []:

inpostauthor:”ann smarty”

3. Aggregate Your Articles in One Place

If you do a lot of guest posts (and I hope you do) or contribute to multiple blogs on a regular basis, you may want to collect your posts in one place. The above Google Blog Search RSS feed would work like a charm for that!

Note: Obviously, it will only pull posts where you contribute from your own author account.

All you need to is to grab RSS link (framed in yellow in the above screenshot) and use either (or both of these plugins):

  • RSS Import to embed your posts in your blog sidebar;
  • FeedList to embed your posts in any page

Ann Smarty’s Articles:

Hope it will turn useful!

Note: I just want to apologize to all my readers that I don’t update my blog too often. The thing is that this blog is too special for me. I only post here if I really have something really useful to say. So stay tuned!

cc licensed flickr photo shared by Pink Sherbet Photography

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  1. 20 Responses to “Searching Google… by Author!”

  2. I love that you’ve taken that brief thread and turned it into a whole useful blog post! It never occurred to me to try it alongside that scraper thing.

    By Louise on Mar 16, 2011

  3. Thanks for this info Ann

    By Izrada Web Stranica on Mar 18, 2011

  4. Hi Ann
    That Google is oh so powerful – don’t think I’ll ever figure it out completely.

    Thanks for adding another piece to the Google jigsaw.

    By Keith Davis on Mar 20, 2011

  5. Thank you for this post. Google has given here again a tool that could be beneficial. I wonder if they make these tools for the internet community at large or if they are more turned towards webmasters. I don’t know if people in general(me included) know about all the tools provided by Google.

    By Tiky on Mar 20, 2011

  6. To be honest, that’s a good advise. Oftentimes whenever we search for an article we focus on the subject itself but we forgot the main keyword for us to actually find the exact post that we are looking for. We need to be more specific at all times so our research won’t be wasted. I’m glad you made a small post like this because it’s indeed helpful for everyone.

    By dee oneal on Mar 21, 2011

  7. very nice article and i learned new thing…
    @ann smarty
    i have written something for you please do comment

    By Arish on Apr 30, 2011

  8. sorry mistyped my name I am Atish Ranjan.

    By Atish on Apr 30, 2011

  9. I had no idea that featured existed. That’s so cool!

    I’ve been searching for all of my favorites using this for the past hour and know I had to come back here and tell you about it.

    By Kate on May 9, 2011

  10. Hi Ann,

    I used the search a few times, to tell you the truth, the only times I’ve used it so far is when I want to do research on a blogger I want to approach for the first time :)

    By Zarko on May 19, 2011

  11. Hi Ann, thanks for keeping us updated with Google operators :) I rarely use them…the only useful operator for me is

    By About Web on Jun 2, 2011

  12. a new good way… 3q ann

    By sjolzy on Jun 16, 2011

  13. Hi Ann, really a great operator. There are so many things about Google that are yet to be explored. You can never know Google.

    By Daniel Wood on Jun 30, 2011

  14. Hi Ann, you know the feeling that you are familiar with something and than you suddenly realize there is another great way how to use it?

    This is how I feel right now:)

    Thanks for bringing this up!

    By Adam on Jul 2, 2011

  15. You always have the goods. This one is really a good thing. I honestly was trying to find some articles that you did about plugins. I was looking for the one that autolinks keywords on your site.

    I searched your name and plugins…but this strategy is way easier.

    By Brett Burky on Jul 14, 2011

  16. Thanks for the article I’ve never used google:articles but I will be doing some homework now!

    By becca park on Jul 21, 2011

  17. That’s a new thing. Thanks for sharing Ann :)

    By Mani Viswanathan on Aug 13, 2011

  18. Hi Ann,
    Thank’s for the article , I never used this technique, i will do some homework and use this technique

    By Michael Wear on Oct 13, 2011

  19. Hello, i’m myblogguest member i checked your profile and clicked seosmarty blog its really wonderfull awesome blog, you are rock in blogging. also this post is good.
    thank you.

    By Ajnabii on Oct 27, 2011

  20. I just tried this tip, which was new to me. Wow — that was depressing! I had no idea how many of the articles I write for hire were posted in odd places with punctuation errors in the titles. I guess I can’t say, “Please don’t give me a byline if you can’t figure out apostrophes.”

    At least, when we use this method to research a blogger, we should bear in mind that the people who write the stuff aren’t always the people who post it.

    By Rebecca Haden on Nov 2, 2011

  21. I want say that how can I get guest blogger for my site ?

    By Rabbi` on Jan 30, 2014

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