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Visual Quotes. HOW TO: Quote Using Text-to-Image Tools (and Go Viral)

Quote on an imageWe love quoting: Some phrases are so cool that you just can’t help sharing… Or sometime you just need to confirm what you are saying (referring to a source). In any way, if you are creating content, you are probably quoting a lot.

And here’s a fresh idea for you: Use images to quote!

There are some absolutely obvious benefits of using this method:

(*) You are not running into the risk of duplicate content (and thus get flagged by MyBlogGuest checker: Trust me, we have lots of trouble with our duplicate content checker hiding articles with quotes and we are not sure if we need to do anything about that, to be honest)

(*) You have a great chance to go viral: People love sharing images and don’t forget about Pinterest!

(*) You have a great chance to earn some links (people will never grow tired of making posts like this)

(*) You make your photos original even if you grab it from a stock photo site.

Here are some cool tools for that:

Beautifully Annotate a Photo

Text on a photo is evergreen: Think about lolcats – they are like AGES long! Or demotivators: You laugh even if you have seen it thousands of times! … and share as well!


This is one of the best options if you want to drop a quick beautiful quote without spending too much time on that. It works via browser bookmarklet: Just highlight the text and click the bookmarklet. The system will then give you a large choice of themes (background and fonts).

It’s really a fun experience!


(There’s also a similar tool but a paid one here; I haven’t played with it but looks cool!)

Update: There’s another cool tool for that:

Over HD

Over HD is a fun app I love a lot. You can take a picture, add text to it and share within one minute of time. For text, you can:

  • Pick a font (a bit limited but quite enough)
  • Adjust the fond size
  • Adjust the photo brightness (e.g. to

Over HD

(Tags Maker is a free online alternative of it but I couldn’t make my images look that sleek with it)


The moment you start thinking the world if tired of lolcats, you see another presentation with lolcats-styled style and hear the room absolutely hooked.

Yes, once invented, lolcats are not growing old, and Roflbotcan be a cool refresher to use for your quote (especially when a funny-looking cat doesn’t really match the serious tone of the quote):


A demotivator is another old trick for short quotes (here’s a good generator)

Runs on Tested? Text on image looks good? Price Best part Alternative
Quozio or Quotescover Web-based (+ a bookmarklet) Yes Looks awesome, but lacks flexibility Free No need to download, very sleek, fast and free! Share as image is a paid alternative that uses color backgrounds instead of photos)
Over HD iPhone, iPad Yes Looks awesome but has a limited selection of fonts (esp for the paid app) $1.99 Allows you to quickly add quotes to your own photos from your iPhone gallery Tags Maker (free, online)
Roflbot Web-based Yes LOLcats-styled font free Quick and easy, can’t be overused though Demotivator generator

Annotated Screenshots

Clarify it

I don’t remember myself blogging WITHOUT taking screenshots. A screenshot is worth thousands of words and since English has never been the most powerful part of my writing, I use a lot of them :)

So here’s the quick round-up of screenshot makers that can also annotate (add text and arrows) to beautify your quote:

Runs on Tested? Text on image looks good? Price Best part
SnapDraw Windows XP No Not too modern Free Oldest and comes very recommended
Snagit Windows, Mac Yes Looks very sleek and also has a spell checker $49.95 Comes very recommended
Awesome Screenshots Plus FireFox, Chrome, Safari Yes (on FF) No enlarge the font (?) Free Doesn’t require you to download anything (use within your browser)
Clarify it Windows, Mac Yes (on Mac) Looks awesome Free Very sleek and easy to use

Are there any cool tools I have missed?

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  1. 8 Responses to “Visual Quotes. HOW TO: Quote Using Text-to-Image Tools (and Go Viral)”

  2. Hey Ann!

    This is super cool! Just what I needed. What do you think of my first try:!t=1006
    Not bad, isn’t it?

    By Tad Chef on Mar 1, 2013

  3. @Tad, that one just made my day! :)

    By Ann Smarty on Mar 1, 2013

  4. Wow, That’s a superb technique.

    I didn’t even imagined of this thing earlier.

    I am going straight away to try this out..!!

    Hope it works well for me..!!


    By Sai Krishna on May 10, 2013

  5. Hi Anne, thanks for sharing this great selection of tools! By combining a quote and an image you can instantly create a new piece of content, and I often use these types of pictures in blog posts to break up large chunks of text. I’ve always used PowerPoint (I made the image the background and typed the text over top) in the past, but now I’m excited to try out Quzio. A free tool I use to take and edit screenshots is called Jing, and it allows you to add in arrows, boxes, and text over the image. I’ll be trying out the screenshot makers you listed and see how they compare.

    By Brittney Stephenson on May 22, 2013

  6. I think Quozio is the best.. It’s very simple, easy, and free.

    By Mahesh Mohan on Nov 19, 2013

  7. Hi Anne, thanks for sharing but you I think you may add to your list. I think is the best tool to create image quotes.

    By Alexander on May 14, 2014

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