This is the second post in the series of guest blogging success stories (the first one was by Glen on how he earned 5-figure income with guest blogging). The series is dedicated to my new venture My Blog Guest, the community of guest bloggers. I am building the site where you can build links and your brand completely for free and by providing real quality, so go ahead: join, participate and help me build it!

The following is the guest post by Brian Carter

6 Benefits of Guest Blogging

I’ve written around 300-400 blog posts in the last 5 years. Blogging is cyclic for me; sometimes on my own blogs, sometimes a corporate blog, sometimes on multi-author industry blogs. I love to analyze and theorize, and blogging helps me think through in depth about ideas that occur to me in the course of work. I tend to turn those into lists of useful tips and I try to make them funny. I use quality images (often creative commons attribution license images from flickr) and create my own SmartArt charts and graphs to add value.

I started with my first blog back in 2004 when I was an acupuncturist. Before that I used to write alternative medicine articles for my own static HTML site. Later I created blogs about my original music, basketball, and comedy. I really hit my blogging stride with my AdWords consulting blog in 2005, which has a total of 122 posts.

I helped get the blog at my agency, Fuel Interactive, off the ground in 2008 with 67 posts, some of which were nominated for the SEMMY Awards. One came in second place in 2009 in the PPC category.

I started getting asked to guest blog in 2008 after I began publicizing my blog posts via Twitter and Sphinn. Around the same time I was interviewed a lot via email and phone. And I started speaking at search conferences about PPC. Meanwhile I was also blogging about social media on another new blog, and started speaking about that at conferences too.

I hung out with Loren Baker of Search Engine Journal at the ScarySEO conference and next thing I knew I was writing for them about PPC. I wrote about 27 weekly posts before I ran out of stuff to say. That blog is particularly exciting to write for because it shows up in Google News. I ran into Jeff Quipp at the SMX Local conference and emailed a bit with Ruud Hein, both of Search Engine People, and ended up blogging for them, mainly about Social Media. Recently, at PubCon, I talked to the editor of Search Engine Land- so, who knows, maybe one day I’ll be blogging for all three of the biggest search blogs in the industry! I’d love to blog for Mashable, but for whatever reason haven’t been able to break into that group. Maybe you know someone and can put a good word in for me. 😉

Here are some of the benefits of guest blogging:

  • Raises your game
  • Increases your reach and influence
  • Leads to connections and jobs/work
  • Boosts your repuation and resume
  • Brings more traffic to your sites and blogs
  • Yields valuable inbound links that increase your search rankings

And a few tips for getting there:

  • Improve your writing with Strunk & White’s Elements of Style
  • Write Digg-Style blog post titles
  • Start with an idea and a title before writing
  • Spend at least 25% of your time on the blog post title
  • Use images to make it look professional (breaking that rule here)
  • Use section headers to break it up
  • Publicize your posts via Twitter and social voting sites (Digg/Sphinn/StumbleUpon)
  • Network with industry peers and gurus
  • Ask editors if you can guest blog (duh!)

Hope that helps you in your guest blogging journey!

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  2. Hey Brian,

    Glad to hear you have had such great success with your guest blogging throughout the years. I am pretty new at it. I am finding it very rewarding and would love to get more exposure. what exactly is this “Strunk & White’s Elements of Style”? Sounds intriguing. Anyway, keep up the good work.

  3. Forrest, search amazon for it. It’s a foundational book on how to write well. And it’s really really short.

  4. a very good post, thanks for sharing your knowledge.keep it up

  5. I am vision impaired and am therefore housebound for most of my time.

    I spend a lot of time here at my computer looking for ways to enjoy new things and of course learn as well.

    I’ve been thinking bout blogging for some time now, and especially if I could earn a little extra money doing it.

    I don’t know anything about blogging, or even what it is, but would like to learn.

    How and where would I start to learn and be successful at it?

    Thank you

  6. I find it funny that I actually have typed up a similar topic. I am a bit of a content quality control freak, so of course, I broke mine more into parts. I will definitely include this post in my links for outside related articles because it is important that people see it working.

  7. I never liked writing in school. So I guess the memories of that first turned me of the idea of blogging.

    Now, I am enjoy it. And, it is so important for your business and profile.

    Thanks for all the tips.

  8. Very Great post Very like tips in your Article many many thanks for beautiful tips is benefit.

  9. Can a person blogg to earn extra monney?

    I am in a wonderful home based business, and would like to share about it, and write some other things as well.

    I’m also trying to find out how to do some advertising on the web.


    OKC., OK.

  10. Guest posting is always beneficial but you should also analyze the blog before posting on it. Posting on high authority blogs not only helps with PR but also helps in getting quaility traffic.

  11. Vista Performance says:

    This is a great post. A perfect guide. to everyone. Thank you for sharing this one.

  12. Nice post Ann. 1 thing which I like the most about your articles are images. They add thousands more words and make them more presentable… I have been following your work and you are doing great.. 🙂

  13. web design company says:

    Blogging is addictive and it seems you have got it.

  14. Free Classifieds Ads says:

    One again i visited this site and found this useful post.

    Thank You.

  15. I was just reading an SEOmoz post about article marketing and someone mentioned your website and this idea of ‘guest blogging’. I’m definitely going to check out myblogguest and hopefully I will be able to contribute.


  16. Web Design Company India says:

    this is one more great post here. Thank you.

  17. Ana, the process of attracting guest bloggers as well as building the community of contributors around your blog is a very long one. But it is well worth the effort.

    Obviously, the first thing you need is a good incentive. Think, why would guest bloggers want to contribute? What do they get in return? Could you offer more?

    For example, featuring your most active contributors in the blog sidebar can be an attractive offer. Maybe, creating some sort of community where they could get to know each other and help each other.

    Try connecting to Jarret of Hive Health Media (he is MyBlogGuest member as well). He does a great job attracting and retaining great contributors (while his blog is still new!). Ask him what he is doing. As far as I know, he has a Google Group for his contributors, he helps them with great blogging tips and tutorials and lets them get connected.

    This is a hard work – but if you try to be creating, you’ll be amazed by the outcome!

    Good luck!

  18. What do you think of Article submissions? If you post to pages like Ezine, Hubpages and Squidoo. Do you think it has to be a part of your link building strategy? And what do you think of using tools like Unique Article Wizard?

    Btw thanks for the great posts!

  19. okay now i know the benefits of guest blogging, what can i get if i let other to post an articles in my blog?

    thank you very much in your information!

  20. Thanx for the tips It helped me as I am going to invite people to write on my blog!

  21. Guest blogging can actually create high quality backlinks for your site. Your guest post on established and well-read blogs will be seen by regular visitors, thus generating you immediate traffic, actual search engine benefits and a bigger readership. However, your articles have to be unique, of good quality, relevant and engaging to be accepted as guest posts.

  22. Thank you Brian,

    I am more inclined to do link baiting or blog carnival type trackbacking.

    However, your article is giving me some nudge to give guest blogging a serious thought.

    I welcome guest blogs in my site.

    But I think, it is time for me to consider doing guest blogging myself on other sites.

    Thanks for the tips and the great article!

  23. Scoot kincher says:

    Guest blogging is still most important for thing of off page seo. I think it’s really a great way to gain high pr backlink

  24. AmanDeep Singh says:

    Sharing is caring.Thanks for sharing this tips.These tips are really very essential to run blog.

  25. ManMohan Khangarot says:

    This post contains hugely valuable information about guest blogging so thank you for posting this article.

  26. An impressive and informative information, thanks for shared and I really enjoyed to reading this post.

  27. Really helpful information. I recently started a blog and never thought about guest posting as a way to get quality backlinks. This helps me to make better guest blog posts, thanks

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