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On-Page SEO Checklist

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While it can be rather hard (if not impossible) to handle the off-site SEO campaign, on-site search engine optimization is under your control and it will take you no more than a few hours to check the boxes below. That’s not about adjusting your website to search engines ( as on-site sceptics might say) or about pushing your site to the first page in SERP in a day. That’s an online etiquette which demonstrates your level of competence and also makes the crawlers visit your pages more eagerly.

box I have made a keyword analysis and chosen keywords to optimize for;

box I have researched my site referrals by digging my search analytics and doing thorough website analysis;

box I have made sure my keywords are directly related to my niche;

box I use unique short meta tags based on my keywords;

box I have written unique content using my primary keywords;

box I add quality content at least once a week to ensure search bots have something new to crawl;

box I do keep to CCS styles;

box I keep my javascript in an external file;

box I’ve made sure that my code is clean and is no more than 100 K (the less the better);

box I do have a customized 404 error page;

box I do take advantage of <h1>, <h2> and <h3> to show search pots and user agents what is important;

box I have developed a good clean website structure based on my keyword analysis;

box I use readable  URLs (I do mod-rewrite if needed);

box I don’t use js, drop-downs or images for my navigation menu – just plain text links;

box I don’t overuse images and flash;

box I use alt text for my content-rich images and links;

box I have a site map to make Big Daddy’s life easier;

box I take advantage of rel=”nofollow” attribute to direct the PageRank flow;

box I do 301-redirect non-www version to www version (or vice versa) to show Google what I like more;

box (Optional) I do let SEO experts handle my on-site optimization!

Anything else? Please share in the comments!

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  1. 15 Responses to “On-Page SEO Checklist”

  2. Nice checklist, but was that last one really needed? If outside SEO experts were involved, what’s the point of handling the above points at first? Better leave the expert get it done right!

    By SEO in China on Nov 15, 2007

  3. Do you seriously think I disclose all my secrets here? 😉 Well leaving that to professionals does not mean they will do only what everybody knows. Each niche presupposes plenty of unique on-site techniques – and that’s what seo companies are for.

    By Ann Smarty on Nov 16, 2007

  4. A great discussion on 301 commented by Matt Cutts: here

    By Andrew G on Nov 29, 2007

  5. Good reminder.

    The difficult one…
    “I add quality content at least once a week to ensure Google has something new to crawl;”

    But I will make an effport.



    By Bill Simcox on May 22, 2009

  6. Great List!@SEO China I think it doesn’t matter if outside SEO experts as long as you do the list right.@Bill “add quality content at least once a week to ensure Google has something new to crawl’ these is the most important thing it is like updating your site and knowing that the google that your site is still existing and active.

    By Andre Colt on Oct 12, 2009

  7. joomlavideobd

    By kamal on Jun 20, 2010

  8. Its a great list….
    I suggest this site to my friends so it could be useful & informative for them also. Great effort.

    By Send flowers to china on Jul 13, 2010

  9. Great list. just something to add.

    Create links using keywords within website content to link to other pages of your site.

    By David W on Mar 3, 2011

  10. great lists. the following are my opinion:

    1. Bold and italic are another way to emphasize important words and phrases. However, use bold, italic and larger font sizes within reason because otherwise you might achieve just the opposite effect.

    2. images name, e.g. seo-smarty.jpg

    3. Control Outbound Links.
    Limit number of outbound links from a page to less then 100 (this is according to Google).

    4. – Page Load Time
    Google is considering page load time as a factor for SERP ranking. Less is better.

    By Soccer Jersey on May 8, 2011

  11. Oh please a 100Kb limit?

    It’s been over TEN years since bots only read the first 101Kb of page source code.

    By Chris Hirst on May 31, 2011

  12. Great check list!

    By Danny on Jan 25, 2012

  13. Hi Ann, what are your thoughts on the first links on a page. Currently I have info links on one site at the top (about, privacy, contact etc.). Should I move these?

    I think I will test and move them … I actually put them there to help build trust, but most people know to look in the footer don’t they?

    By Jon on Apr 6, 2012

  14. Hurrah, that’s what I was seeking for, what a stuff! existing here at this blog, thanks admin of this site.

    By Lionel on Aug 31, 2012

  15. Excellent checklist for on-page seo. This can truly helpful to eCommerce SEO company and others.

    By Harekrishna on Jul 22, 2015

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