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Tracking Google Keyword Position (SEJ)

Tracking Google Keyword Position

I have just posted another article at Search Engine Journal describing a way to monitor Google keyword positions over time.

Tracking SERPs is an important SEO technique that helps:

  • to get a deeper understanding of how search engines work;
  • to keep an eye on both your new and established competitors;
  • to discover new SEO tactics and to learn their effectiveness.

Here is a short outline of the post to give you an idea:

Post image: North Narrabeen Rock Pool Before Dawn

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  1. 8 Responses to “Tracking Google Keyword Position (SEJ)”

  2. yeah, it’s definelty a useful thing to do..
    Btw cool video-makeup!

    – Wakish –

    By Wakish on Mar 12, 2008

  3. Thanks for the quick vid. I just signed up for thanks to you.

    – Chris

    By Chris von Nieda on Mar 28, 2008

  4. how i trace keyword position on search engines ?

    By B.S. RAthore on May 1, 2008

  5. Thank you so much for the way you have selected to share things.
    Because video tutorials is the easiest way to teach people.

    By varul on Dec 9, 2008

  6. nice video, i like video sharing b/c it is easy way to understand.

    By Web site submission on Feb 26, 2009

  7. Thank you for the quick video. I just signed up for – very useful. Thank you for sharing :)

    By Interactive Advertising Agency on Jun 12, 2009

  8. Free uptime monitor (every 5 min) and free sms alerts –
    Also free keywords position and website rank monitor

    By Sergey on Aug 11, 2009

  9. There is so much to do if you want to top in Google, thanks for giving me a new tool in my “journey” 😉

    By mr. herretøj on Jan 27, 2010

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