Content Brainstorming Search Cheatsheet (Google and Bing)


I want to brainstorm: What should I search Example (sample topic: charity)
The awesome list of related tools (Step 1) [] to find at least one tool (Step 1) [ charity]
(Step 2) [related:URL] of the tool you have found so far (Step 2) [related:]
(Step 3) [inbody:toolname -intitle:toolname] to fine more roundups and articles mentioning the tool you have found (Step 3) [inbody:gamesforchange -intitle:gamesforchange]
The awesome list of eBooks (step 1) [word (ebook) filetype:pdf] (step 1) [charity ebook filetype:PDF]
(step 2) [word (ebook) contains:pdf] to find more lists like this linking to pdf files (step 2) [charity ebook contains:pdf]
HOW TO guide (but not too sure ob what) (step 1) [how to * word] to see what guides already exist
(In some cases, this can be [how to * ~word] to broaden the search to synonyms). Also enable "Related searches" to get more ideas
(step 1) [how to * charity]
(step 2) [word filetype:pdf] to find related guides and research papers. (step 2) [charity filetype:pdf]