Throughout the years I have created lots of premium materials and come up with advanced tactics that I am going to offer through this premium email list (just $10 a month!). It’s an amazing deal!

Here’s how it’s going to work:

  • Every month you’ll receive one premium product: i.e. free lifetime access to my courses, tools and guides
  • You’ll have exactly one month to go through your freebie and ask a question

Ann Smarty premium courseThis way what I am offering here:

  • For just $10 a month, you’ll get a premium product monthly AND a free email consultation from myself
  • You’ll have a lifetime access to all the premium materials that I am going to be sharing here

This is the most actionable training course you’ve ever seen

I focus on tactics you can implement right away, tools you can play and tips you will want to try. I’ve been providing Internet marketing advice for a decade now: If you know me, you have no doubt that you’ll find this course highly useful.

So what are some of the premium materials and guides you’ll be getting here? Examples include:

  • Google Advanced Search Guide
  • Reputation Management Course
  • Your Ultimate Social Media Promotion Checklist, and many more…

Every month, a new premium product. Prices for those products vary from $20 to $100 and you’ll be getting each for $10. Plus free email consultation every month.

Because it involves email Q&A with me, the places are limited.

I plan to close this form after 100 subscribers, so hurry up!

Ann is a genius when it comes to marketing, networking, blogging, social media and SEO. I have learned a lot from her and am glad we are connected 🙂

~Johnna Sabri

[Ann Smarty] has such unique and varying expertise when it comes to inbound marketing and is certainly seen as a celebrity among other marketers. I regard Ann as revolutionary. I would not hesitate to recommend Ann to anybody wishing to work with one of the best in her field.

~Matt Janaway

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