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Testing WordPress-to-Lead for Salesforce CRM Plugin

Contact pageIf you are addicted to WordPress as much as I am, you are most likely to be subscribed to and you should have seen this post reviewing WordPress-to-Lead for Salesforce CRM plugin. As I was just looking for some good plugin to enhance my contact page as well as organize my leads, I promptly decided to give it a go.

This post described my whole experience of the plugin installation and customization.

The steps are as follows:

1. Create a Trial Account at SalesForce

(to test things out)

2. Upload and activate the plugin

(as an avid WordPress user, you are likely to be familiar with the process).

3. Configure the plugin:

3.1. Basic settings: Customize status messages displayed after the message is sent or if there was an error:

Salesforce plugin

3.2. Connect to your Salesforce account by providing your company ID (located in your account, go to Setup » Company Profile » Company Information):

Salesforce plugin

3.3. Customize the form settings: the form phrases and look:

Salesforce plugin

3.4. Customize the form fields:

  • Specify which fields you want the customer to complete;
  • Select the required fields;
  • Specify the type of each field;
  • Set the field order:

Salesforce plugin settings

4. Use the form

To use this form, copy the following shortcode into a post or page:


Additionally you can use the sidebar widget to have the form blog-wide (this is where I am having it now as I am testing it so far):

Salesforce widget

Here’s how the plugin looks when added to the sidebar:

Salesforce sidebar widget

The whole process just over-viewed above is clearly described in this video as well.


5. Enjoy the service

Now I should be able to:

  • Track all conversations and interactions
  • Organize your contacts and tasks in a single spot
  • Easily synch with Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo!, and more

Which tools are you using to organize your leads? Which other WordPress tutorials for beginners can you recommend?

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  1. 26 Responses to “Testing WordPress-to-Lead for Salesforce CRM Plugin”

  2. Thanks for the review, hope you keep using it! Cheers, Joost

    By Joost de Valk on May 6, 2010

  3. I am a huge fan of WordPress as well. We build almost all clients sites on WordPress and integrate our web forms using Infusionsoft. Seems like this plugin is after the same functionality.

    By Clifford Jones on May 9, 2010

  4. For Most Of My Blog Post I Use WordPress as it is very userfriendly and easy to use, thanks for sharing this useful Plugins with us
    keep sharing

    By Jack on May 13, 2010

  5. Very cool Ann. I have been shopping around for a good CRM solution.

    Not only is this very simple to setup, but it looks like sales force is very reasonably priced as well.

    Thanks for the extremely useful post.

    By Gerald Weber on May 13, 2010

  6. I also love wordpress and this plugin sounds interesting. I may have to give it a try. Thanks for sharing.

    By Andrew@BloggingGuide on May 15, 2010

  7. I’m building a site on the Thesis theme–this plugin might be useful. Thanks.

    By Mike on May 21, 2010

  8. Oh wow, I was just thinking of this recently.

    We have a blog on our ecommerce website and also use Salesforce for our CRM. Thanks for doing this quick guide and testing – I’m actually going to have a chat with our sales team right now about possibly integrating it.

    This should earn me some brownie points 😀

    (Hats off to you!)

    By Murlu on May 26, 2010

  9. I love wordpress.

    Thanks for this article


    By Chris John on May 28, 2010

  10. I keep in posting blogs on wordpress and I can say that I am an addict user of it but never been try using this plug in. Well, I’ll give a try.

    By the way thanks for sharing….

    By Lea@Search Engine Optimization Consulting on May 29, 2010

  11. Hi,
    At OrangeValley, we’re avid users of Salesforce CRM. We tend to use it most for lead tracking, and until a few weeks ago, we had this really weird workflow: we’d let people enter their credentials in web forms, which would then turn into emails, after which we’d copy paste the contents of those emails into Sales force. So we decided there should be a better way of doing this, thus, WordPress-to-Lead was born. From Lorna’s perspective, WordPress-to-Lead is great contact form solution for all the small business owners who use WordPress as their CMS. WordPress plugin installation and activation is relatively simple, for many low tech people, way simpler than cutting and pasting the right code in the right location, which is the current way you would add a Sales force integrated web lead form to your site. However, other contact form plugins for WordPress route lead information into your email inbox, where they can get buried, and not to a CRM system, which is a far better way of managing leads and customers. Because the WordPress-to-Lead plugin had the potential to really help their SMB customers, Sales enthusiastically offered to sponsor the program.

    data management services

    By Peter on May 31, 2010

  12. WordPress and Sales Force, a great combination to benefit from both the worlds.

    By Online Strategies on Jun 1, 2010

  13. we can play with WordPress templates, customization is pretty easier compared to any other blogging plat forms. Auto Indexing wordpress pages are much easier using widgets..

    By Technology Lists on Jun 4, 2010

  14. I Use WordPress because it is very easy to use.
    WordPress plugin installation is very simple.
    Thanks for the review 😉

    By Kruno on Jun 15, 2010

  15. Hello!

    Nice Post,

    Thanks for giving such great inofrmation on wordpress,because wordpress is so important for building client and also its very user friendly that why i like the wordpress.

    thanks again!

    By Harry on Jun 16, 2010

  16. After searching for this information, I will have to say most people agree with you on this topic. But I have another opinion, see it in my blog.

    By Radu Prisacaru – UK Internet Marketer & Web Developer on Jun 18, 2010

  17. One of the most important thing to make real dreaming about 1st position of google is diversity of link sources, and all backlinks of course should to be do follow. ! I invite you to see my post, I hope you will find interesting too.

    By Radu Prisacaru – UK Internet Marketer & Web Developer on Jun 18, 2010

  18. This is nice plugin for managing your contacts better but seems to paid version…

    By Phil on Jun 21, 2010

  19. Thanks a lot for sharing this Ann, I have a wordpress based website, Surely I will implement this plugin

    By website design montreal on Jul 22, 2010

  20. This is a great solution for people who use Salesforce to manage all their contacts – meaning, the people who fill in forms on their websites.

    Salesforce has different pricing options, the least expensive appears to be $5 a month. However it appears that this plugin will not work with that version of Salesforce.

    The next option for Salesforce is the $25 a month version. It appears that this plugin will work if you are using this version of Salesforce.

    Anybody who already is using the $25 a month version of Salesforce, or a more expensive option. should DEFINATELY use this WordPress plugin. When people fill in the Contact Us form on your WordPress blog, this plugin automatically places the information they provide into Salesforce.

    One feature that’s really valuable is that no only will the information provided by the website visitor be placed into Salesforce, but also if they found your WordPress site with a Google search, that information will show up in Salesforce. Not only that, the actual search query they typed into Google to find you will appear in the new Lead record in Salesforce. If they found your site in other ways, that information will also appear in the new Lead’s record in Salesforce. This is a HUGE opportunity for optimizing your online marketing, because you can see which keywords (search queries) are producing customers. Sometimes it will take time for a lead to become a customer. That’s OK, because you can run a report in Salesforce and see every search query that brought in a new lead, and you can see which ones turned into customers.

    This is invaluable data for optimizing your online marketing.

    Thanks again Ann. Your blog and articles on Search Engine Journal are first rate!

    Greg Moore

    By Greg on Aug 22, 2010

  21. Correction: The WordPress plugin will not pass the search query into the Salesforce lead record. They may provide this in a future version.

    You would have to use “Salesforce for AdWords” to get this functionality.

    By Greg on Aug 30, 2010

  22. Hello,

    Nice article, Thanks for giving such useful in formation on word press, that how much word press is important for sale.

    Thanks Again!

    By Internet marketing company India on Sep 3, 2010

  23. Hi there

    We are looking at developing a new site using wordpress and using Salesforce for the CRM.
    As part of this process we want to do the following.

    1. Generate quotes
    (customer creates an account and selects (small selection of products and services) and the system will email them a quote with their details / discount etc.

    2.Take online orders

    They order products and pay using CC, PO etc

    I am not sure where this needs to reside, does it happen in WordPress or does it all happen in ?


    By gg on Mar 9, 2011

  24. Thanks a lot for sharing this. Thanks a lot for sharing this

    By Web Stranica on Mar 9, 2011

  25. Hi Ann,

    I’m now one of the co-developers for this plugin, and we’ve made a lot of great improvements to it. If you would like us to write an updated blog post about it, we’d be happy to! It’s still available at the same location,


    By Stony Grunow on Feb 15, 2014

  26. Thanks, Stony! I’ll give it a try!

    By Ann Smarty on Feb 15, 2014

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